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Roselynn Cacy

I put Alaskans first.
Here’s where I stand on the issues:


Our Legislators must work together to create a sustainable budget. We cannot continue to spend down the Permanent Fund Earnings Reserve but must use a combination of smart and strategic budget cuts and ways of raising more revenues. I will support initiatives such as: 

  1. Strengthening local hire provisions. For example: Governor’s Dunleavy’s Administration recently spent $2,000,000 to hire HR consultants from Seattle. If this expense was necessary, they should have hired some of the many qualified HR professionals here in Alaska.

  2. Attracting remote workers to relocate to Alaska as was recently advocated by Anchorage Economic Development Commission (AEDC.)  Facilitating remote workers will also allow us to provide better employment opportunities for new college graduates. 

  3. We must start working today to safely open up and revitalize a post-COVID economy.  Until our citizens feel safe going to school, church, and shopping—they will not resume the consumer spending that helps our economy flourish. Now, with one of the lowest COVID rates in the country—we must continue to implement best practices to keep our citizens healthy and safe and use that to attract more tourists, remote workers and new business to Alaska. 

  4. As Senator, I will introduce a resolution supporting the USPS as vital to the economic health of Alaska. Not only does the USPS provide much needed, good paying federal jobs, it is a critical link in providing economical supplies to rural Alaska and payments to small air carriers help keep air service going to the villages.



I believe in science. My decisions will always be based on facts and data.  Whether we like it or not—the world is transitioning to more energy sources. Alaska must be a part of that transition, while receiving our fair share for our resources, as provided in our constitution. Our investment in research must fund new industries and assist in our transition to a new, green economy. As Senator I will:

  1. Support development of renewable energy in Alaska—especially in rural Alaska to reduce the cost of living and help make those communities more sustainable.

  2. Task the Alaska Department of Commerce, Community, and Economic Development with devising a 10-year plan to help guide our progress through this transition and keep our economy healthy.

  3. Support and invest in diversification. For example: I support the “Long Trails” Project which would create one or more long trails (ie: Seward to Fairbanks) similar to the Appalachian and Pacific Crest Trails. This would bring more independent tourists to Alaska.



As a business professional I have worked with numerous small businesses on start-up, growth phases, acquisitions and development. From my experience providing tax and management advice, I understand the importance of small business to the health of our overall economy. I am PRO-responsible development of our resources. We must use science and our educational institutions to build in-state expertise. Not only does our Alaska Constitution demand it, every business minded person in Alaska should agree that we must receive fair market value when selling our resources.



I am a Permanent Fund Defender. The PFD has helped me repair my furnace  and put my kids  through college. I want my children and grandchildren—and yours to benefit from the Permanent Fund. It’s our nest egg, it’s working and it keeps Alaskans involved in our government. As most every family out there understands—when your income goes down you either cut your budget, make more money, or do both. We do not decimate our savings first. We must live within our means to save the Permanent Fund. That means compromise—I will work with every legislator to arrive at a sustainable budget.

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